our approach

Inspiration and learning strikes us at different times and at unpredictable moments. We believe strongly that Dr. Maria Montessori's methods allow children to learn and grow at their own pace, based on their own interests. Allowing each child to lead their learning process based upon their own curiosity fosters independence and pride with each new skill. 

As the Montessori philosophy outlines, children have extended work periods in which they are free to choose from lessons previously presented by teachers. We believe this empowers the child to discover new skills joyfully while allowing teachers to observe and guide, but not intrude, into a child's discovery process. 

Every aspect of Estrellitas has been designed to serve children. Furniture is sized just for them so that there is nothing they cannot access on their own. Classrooms are orderly and calm, allowing children to concentrate and develop greater focus on their projects. Snacks are available throughout the day so that children can serve themselves, and get to know their own personal needs. 

Each day includes creative activities for the class, including art, music, dance, and yoga, storytelling, and time spent with friends learning about the day. Through the lessons and time together, students are immersed in the Spanish language and are exposed to the warmth of Spanish culture. The natural language learning process comes more easily to children at these early ages as they are already seeking to learn to communicate with their community.