spanish immersion


Ninety percent of our families speak English at home, and some families have a Spanish and English speaking parent. We have a few families who have children learning a 3rd or 4th language! Washington, D.C. is an international city, home to diplomats and natives of other countries. We are pleased to offer a way for parents to expose children to a language and cultural experience, allowing them to grow to be citizens of a larger community and the world.  

It has been proven that children are most easily taught a second language at a time when they are developing early language skills. Consistent exposure reinforces practice of new words, making learning less something they are taught, and more something that children absorb. 

Children tend to spend the majority of their day with us, giving them consistent exposure to the Spanish language. For some of our children, their first spoken word may be in Spanish. 

Children at Estrellitas are hearing Spanish spoken by native Spanish speakers, from Latin America and Europe. This allows for grammar patterns to develop naturally as children are already learning the language and grammar patterns of the language (or languages!) spoken at home. Built upon Montessori principles for learning, Spanish Immersion is picked up quite quickly by our students.