Our families love the community they find within the Estrellitas Montessori School community. We are happy to introduce you to current families so that you may learn more about us. 


Sieloff Peterson Family

I was at the park with my son (then a toddler) and I saw a group of care-givers that just blew me away. Fast forward to when I was seeking a new care situation for my son, and Estrellitas staff WAS those care-givers. Since then my son attended, and now my daughter (2) attends Estrellitas. We have found a warm caring place for our children and we couldn't be happier. I'm regularly surprised by what they learn each day. They are confident and curious and I have to credit their time at Estrellitas for this. But the best part has been the parent community; I credit meeting some of our best friends through Estrellitas. 

Also, it should be noted that I speak terrible high school Spanish and both children are as fluent as they could be for their ages. We didn't seek a second language out, but it's been amazing seeing them learn Spanish as little kids. 

Blair Storzer

I could not be happier with the care that my daughter received at Estrellitas Home. I was continually impressed with how conscientious the staff was of the atmosphere they were creating for the children and the effort they put in to ensuring a developmentally-appropriate, stimulating, warm and loving environment. One of my favorite photos of our daughter is from the unit on pumpkins from this past October.  Along with two of the other babies, she is examining a pumpkin prior to the class "helping" to make a jack o' lantern.  No wonder she arrived at Estrellitas Home each day with big smiles. I enjoyed having the opportunity to interact with the other parents during drop-off and pick-up as well as during Estrellitas' wonderful family activities.  It feels more like a community than just a daycare."    

Wheeler Family

"After ten years working in education, I was thrilled to provide a Montessori early learning environment for my own child. Now wearing the parent hat, I will admit that it was surprisingly hard to let go of my own baby, the one I hold most dear, to the routine care of people I did not yet know. After more than a year, to say I am grateful for the Estrellitas teachers and community is a great understatement. I have grown to love the teachers and other families, but more than that I have seen the most heart-warming development in my daughter. Not only does she love coming to school and race into the classroom before I can tell her goodbye, she has learned that the sphere of those who love her is far greater than just our immediate family. Without a lot of extended family in the area, I have always been conscious of her awareness that a village surrounds her; and Estrellitas has become a major part of that village with her teachers acting as extra parents. She trusts and loves them wholly, as do we. Furthermore, she has learned how to care for and love her peers, who she talks about every evening and all weekend until she can race back to them Monday morning. Her language has blossomed beautifully due to the rich linguistic environment. The gifts my child has received during these truly formative years are profound and I believe we will see their effects for years to come. With a great sense of love, structure, and joy for learning, Estrellitas has been a wonderful fit for our family."

Nidiry-Krivicky Family

"Our three year old daughter has been at Estrellitas for the past year. She absolutely loves it, and so do we. The teachers are amazing, skilled caregivers that we as well as our daughter have grown attached to over the year, and the entire Estrellitas administration all the way up to the head and founder of the school is equally wonderful, very committed to its mission, and always accessible. Whenever we get to see the children in action, they are totally engrossed in their daily activities which is a testament to the teachers' and administrators' ability to draw out every child's curiosity, creativity, and little personality. Our daughter did not know Spanish when she started but we are now learning from her at home! One of our favorite things about Estrellitas, among the many things we love about it, is the commitment to outdoor time given to children throughout the year. In an era when schools are limiting outdoor play to mere minutes, our daughter spends much of the day exploring and experiencing the changing seasons of the neighborhood. Estrellitas is a safe and loving environment where our daughter has grown immensely in every respect, and we have been very happy there".