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Our mission is committed to offering infants, toddlers, and preschoolers the loving care and encouragement necessary to become independent, creative, and confident learners in a Spanish-language immersion environment.


Dedicated to the whole child.

Montessori education focuses on developing the whole person: a child's character, academic ability, life skills, physical wellbeing, and emotional intelligence.

In our classrooms, this learning occurs through hands-on experiences—including art, music, dance, yoga, storytelling, activities, games, and time spent with friends. This experiential approach sets up a lifelong love of learning.


More Than A Daycare



A safe space for your baby
(6 - 18 months) to touch, smell, move, explore, and try new things. 



Our 18 month to 2 year olds begin exploring Montessori activities—learning confidence, developing language skills, and expanding their skills. 



An encouraging space for our 2-year-old friends to learn, challenge themselves, and explore their own interests.

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Mixed-aged Pre-K classrooms provide an environment where students are able to learn from each other and develop leadership skills naturally.

“Since starting at Estrellitas, our sons’ critical thinking, self-help and literacy skills, as well as their self-confidence has grown by leaps and bounds.”

Our Curriculum

At Estrellitas, we provide a warm and caring environment where children feel safe to ask questions and explore their own interests. Our activities are intentionally designed to provoke curiosity, and to help children grow their concentration, intellect, skills, and confidence.

Each day includes creative activities for the class, including art, music, dance, and yoga, and storytelling.

We practice a Spanish Immersion education model. Through the lessons and time together, students are immersed in the Spanish language. The natural language learning process comes more easily to children at these early ages as they are already seeking to learn to communicate with their community.

This schedule is gentle and lead by the community instead of by the clock, but it is consistent. 

Latest Estrellitas News

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